Valves for Changing Water

Auto Flushing Valves

The KWCS automatic flushing valve is designed for cold water. The purpose of the flushing valve is to reduce water age and eliminate stagnation by automatically purging water from the cold-water distribution system. The valve can be used to exchange water in both small and large areas of the overall piping network and can be flushed to holding tanks, irrigation systems, pools, etc.
Auto flush valve (24volt) with servo-drive

Cold water can contribute to Legionella growth in a piping system if it is allowed to warm to temperatures that are within the bacteria’s favorable growth range
(68°F – 122°F). Temperatures are known to rise in stagnant, low flow areas of cold water piping due to heat transfer from many sources including hot water pipes, electrical conduit, warm ambient air temperatures and other external influences.

To keep water moving, help control temperatures and avoid stagnation, the KWCS flushing valves can be controlled by a timer which will provide periodic flushing of the system. Ideal for buildings with areas of intermittent use (hospitals, hotels, schools), the KWCS flushing protocol reduces water age and biofilm growth and minimizes the risk of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens in cold water piping systems.

Auto flushing valves can be configured with the KWCS Venturi splitter valves to ensure a complete and thorough water exchange in all rooms with looped piping.