Thermal Balancing Valves


The Eta-Therm is similar to the Multi-Therm in that it is an automated thermostatic balancing valve, but it is designed for smaller distribution branches within the larger piping and recirculation system. The Eta-Therm is typically positioned at the end of a circulation loop within a single bathroom. This type of installation provides instant hot water at the point of use with no” time-to-tap” delays within the branch.
Eta-Therm with male NPT connection
Eta-Therm with G-nut union connection

The purpose of the Eta-Them is to maintain and control hot water temperatures automatically for individual branches of less than 40 feet making it ideal for installations in hotels, nursing homes, apartments and hospitals, etc.

The Eta-Therm valve features:

  • Standard configuration with stop valve.
  • Automatically reacts to accept higher temperatures during thermal disinfection.
  • Operating set point adjustable in the field.

The Eta-Therm is the perfect choice for maximizing the delivery of hot water within individual rooms and smaller circulation zones.