KEMPER specialty valves, sensors, and control products represent a state-of-the-art collection of tools for modern day plumbing designers.

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A piping system quickly and easily installed with our KWCS specialty valve systems at Hospital Name Here.

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Quote Icon This Kemper system was terrific, it gave me the power to provide a reliable water & heating solution for my client.
John Smith
Plumbing Design Engineer, Organization Here
If you are interested in designing systems that utilize proven technology, forward thinking and creative layouts then the incorporation of the KWCS Flow-Splitter should be considered.
Eliminating stagnation should be a priority for all modern-day plumbing designers. Designing out Legionella is the responsibility of the plumbing designer in new construction projects as the designer can eliminate conditions that lead to Legionella growth within the system.
The sheer effect of moving water helps control the growth of biofilm within piping systems. Stagnant water has the opposite effect and optimizes the conditions that allow biofilm to grow. Legionella and other bacteria are known to grow and colonize within the biofilm found on the inside of pipes and fittings. It is therefore vital that plumbing designers help minimize the growth of biofilm by designing out conditions that could lead to stagnant water.
Legionella bacteria proliferates within a given temperature range. It is therefore the challenge of the plumbing designer to design building water systems that maintain water temperatures outside of this bacterial growth range.
In addition to eliminating stagnation, impeding biofilm growth and controlling water temperatures, the KWCS Flow-Splitter Valve will also increase chemical residuals throughout the building water system.